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Get your San Diego County and California approved food handler training from eFoodHandlers®, the trusted source for San Diego County and CA food handlers. Lack of training for food handlers can be a recipe for disaster. Give public confidence in their dining experience with qualify training for food handlers.

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A Food Handlers Card for CALIFORNIA?
  • Food Safety education that is Easy to Understand
  • ANSI accredited training means quality training
  • Immediate Print for certificates, wallet cards & badges
  • No questions-asked refunds
  • Laminated wallet cards, badges and manuals for purchase
  • Free/Discounted training to schools, volunteers and the economically challenged
  • eFoodhandlers honors competitive discounts and promotions.

New 'Glove Law' Repealed

Back in July, California was scheduled to implement the controversial 'Glove Law' that would have prohibited bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Ready-to-eat foods are items not cooked prior to serving. These include foods like fruits, vegetables, deli meats, bread and sushi. Rather than touching the food, this law would have required food workers to use barriers, like gloves, utensils, tongs, paper or scoops.

While this law is in-place in 41 different states, the California legislature felt the change was too confusing, ineffective, cumbersome and expensive. Governor Jerry Brown sided with his legislature and repealed the Glove Law for California making bare hand contact with food allowed.

Education is the cornerstone of Food Safety

Food Safety Poll
What is the most important Food Safety Activity?

Keep raw meat away from ready-to-eat foods.
Maintain counters and food prep areas clean.
Wash hands.
Stay home if you are sick.
Maintain food at proper temperatures.
They are all important.

Salsa & Guacomole Season is here

As people in CALIFORNIA take their cooking and entertaining outside, food handlers of the domestic variety face new food safety threats. Salsa & Guacomole are both potentially hazardous food that permits the spread of bacteria. Warm temperatures can increase this growth and ca be a license for disaster if safe food handling practices are ignored. Food handlers must keep foods like Salsa & Guacomole as well as all TCS foods (Temperature Control for Safety) free of harmful pathogens. The key is to not permit food to remain in the danger zone (41-135 degress). Always refrigerate these foods when not being served.

Earning a certificate from eFoodhandlers teaches even the weekend food handler about proper temperature control and the results from unsafe handling practices.

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